What do you think of Nitto tires?


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Is it possible for someone to relate their own experience with Nitto tires? My 67 Mustang's old and worn tires will be replaced. Is this of any use to you? Where do you get yours from?
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I have used Nitto NT01 semi slicks a long time ago so have no experience with their road tyres but have been told that they may be made in a Toyo factory
.Like most things in life one generally gets what one pays for so I would recommend you fit a well known make as I have seen tests of Yum Cha tyres vs other brands where the YC's took waaaaaay longer to stop in both wet and dry braking tests.:eek:
Hello, @TCJBOLDIE! Thank you for your contribution. It has been quite beneficial in assisting me in making a decision. Because of their discounts, I'm planning to buy it from [shop name removed].
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