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Audi are dropping engines sizes in the badge and switching to numbers so I'm just wondering what they mean if anything?

I've seen 30 40 45 55 and 60 and I must say I find it confusing.
Now we have turbocharged 1.4's putting out as much power as old NASP 3.0 engines, and newer cars are provided with supplementary electric power trains they have gone this route to help people see the power of the engine rather than the engine size itself.

"Imagine the confusion" when looking at the back of two cars and one says 1.4 and the other says 1.4TFSi - people will just assume they are the same, but there could be 90bhp difference in the models if the 1.4 is a NASP engine! (APPARENTLY but I'm not buying this excuse!)

Then they add another 50bhp with a hybrid electric drive kit, so should the badge be amended to 1.4TFSi + 50bhp electric motor?

Audi Boss - So what should we do to show the cars have different power brackets?

Audi Execs - Why not just stick the 0-60 time on the rear of the car? Like the Audi A3 5.7 - you know that's quick then and won't try to sprint off before it at the lights! But if it says A7 12.9 you might feel you have a chance! :eek:

Audi Boss - No we need something more professional to suit our executive image.

Audi exec comes up with the idea - let's just make up a range of numbers that other makers aren't using, and assign totally random power bands to them with lots of gaps! Only smart people will understand it.

Audi Boss - Yes I'm smart so I have to pretend this is a good idea and go with it.

Sorry I'm getting a bit carried away and totally daft here.

So in answer to your question, the full new Audi engine code designations are....

  • 30 = 109-128 hp (81-96 kW)
  • 35 = 147-160 hp (110-120 kW)
  • 40 = 167-201 hp (125-150 kW)
  • 45 = 226-248 hp (169-185 kW)
  • 50 = 281-308 hp (210-230 kW)
  • 55 = 328-368 hp (245-275 kW)
  • 60 = 429-455 hp (320-340 kW)
  • 70 = 536+ hp (400+ kW)

Yes there are gaps in this, so it doesn't make perfect sense unless they are going to tweak all cars to fit into these gaps by amending the power band.

I'm sure other makers will start to do something similar.

Interestingly I only ever look at hp - but you often get kW and PS power figures quoted, but does anyone ever find these useful? I'm guessing in Germany they use ps but that is only a feeling I have.
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