What difference between the 1.8T engine in the A3 & the


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Just wondering what the difference is between the 150bhp A3 and 225bhp TT engine. Is it mainly a different turbo and ECU? Can I fit a TT engine to my A3 easily?
Re: What difference between the 1.8T engine in the A3 &

er there are huge differences- the 225 tt engine has a an additional radiator to cope with the extra power over the 180 bhp- fuel pumps and oil pumps are uprated....turbo programming in the ecu is also completey different so menas changing the ecu/wiring loom completely!
Not to mention the drive system (ie clutch and gearbox is set up for quattro)- and if you managed to overcome ALL those problems you still have a front wheel drive car that you will struggle to put the power down with!

just buy yourself an s3-it would be cheaper!
Good advice con8280! Heres a question though - can parts of the TT engine be used to uprate the 1.8T? It's fair to assume a remap would be necessary. For example bolting on the TT Turbo.

I guess the answer to Billyo's question is anything is possible if you have the money but in the real world it is generally not worth it. An S3 engine swap would be easier what do you think con8280 but I still think the loom etc would need changing.

What do you drive con8280? Have you done any mods?
Essentially, nearly all 1.8T engines are the same. The TT's main difference for the added power is a KKK K04 turbo where as the 150bhp models use a KKK K03 turbo. There is a Haynes manual about the Audi TTs development history which lists all the differences.

You can get a better, quicker spooling turbo from the Garrett GT series to bolt-on to your engine, but you should consider uprating all your brakes, clutch, suspension, air induction and heat dissipating components first.

The ECU (Audi will say its not the same) but in hardware terms it is, it just has a different software program written for it which controls the engine timing, boost pressures, fuel pump etc.

You can change the software in an A3 courtesy of dealers for www.revotechnik.com or www.custom-code.co.uk and quite a few others. They can in some cases give you multiple software programs which are switchable between standard, hi-octane fuel, race fuel etc... all of which adjust your engine timing, boost pressurs and what not to give you much more BHP. For £400 notes, a remap of the ECU is probably the best mod going on any car from the Volkswagen Audi Group. The reason a remap can give you more power is that a 1.8T actually knocks out more power and the cars are essentially dumbed down by the ECU program to be less sporty, cheaper, more economical and cheaper to insure. A remap will unleash a lot more power and most importantly torque, allowing much quicker acceleration.

If you are wondering if you could toast a TT 225, then with A LOT of expense the answer is yes. If you bought an older A3 recently, say 2000-reg, then for a few grand (£5k-£7k) on top, you could have something which leaves most cars looking limp. If yours is FWD and not Quattro, then on a track you wont be able to keep the speed up in the corners and you'll get beaten, but on a straight, if you can control the torque steer and are good enough at ensuring you are not spinning the wheels, then you can get seriously good results.

A good example of cheap supercar power is the modded cars the police sometimes use (unmarked ones). There are two that patrol the M3 in Hampshire, both Skoda Octavia VRSs and so had 225bhp to start with. They have a Garrett GT2871RS turbo swapped out with uprated fuel injection, fuel pump, clutch, exhaust system and brakes. They are then taken to www.custom-code.co.uk and given a custom remap to make use of the power. The finished car is a normal looking VRS with 450+bhp because custom code do a little secret extra work on them to get more power. These Skodas will do 0-60 in a little over 4 seconds. If you are wondering, the Silver unmakred is license plate is CX54BAO and the black one is OE05FKJ. Two days ago I saw the silver one pull over a white Nissan Skyline R32 GTR. If you are going to have a fast car, it helps to know the unmarked police vehicles in your area :)

* VAGrant *
VAG RANT - thats got to be the post of the month and stuff the dialup users its worth the download! Detailed, precise and packed with facts. Thanks!

A boost controller would be a good addition especially on a FWD to ensure smooth power delivery. Do all 1.8T sports have semi locking difs? Mine makes a clicking noise when driven hard and the diff does not seem to lock?
maybe you should just look at installing a Quafe ATB diff. That'll sort out your problem, plus any torque steer you get. Dowsnide is the steering may seem heavier, but in actuality it will be more precise and controlled.

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