What cars would you never overtake?


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You are driving along and the car in front is in tourist mode. 40mph in a 60 zone. I think most of us would overtake when it was safe to do so.

However what if this car was say a Ferrari or Zonda - would you still overtake it?

Is it respect or fear that would prevent you from trying it?
It would be scary when i overtake a Ferrari or Zonda in a one way road,then the driver suddenly accelerate to avoid shame.
About 6 years ago I over took a Porsche in a clapped out orien diesel and the Porsche driver almost had a head-on with a bus trying to get back in front - on a really bad bend. Luckelly he managed to pull back in behind me just in time. I can't comment on the rest of his driving as I took the next junction.
Fully liveried trafficpolice cars that are already travelling above the posted speed limit

indeed, also cars with too many arials, most of the time are undercover's, you can tell cos they have extra arials for there incar coms an radios
only thing i would not over take is a cop car unless they are doing less then the speed limit and its a 2or 3 lane road
Unmarked cars can be spotted as you say - they're decked with extra kit. Look out for the camera under rear view mirror; extra mirror for passenger; small camera in rear screen; additional radio aerials (sometimes bumper mounted).

They're not going to bother blowing their cover just because you got a few MPH over the limit whilst overtaking them. Unmarked cars are required for more important activities than just nicking you for hitting 83mph overtaking on the motorway.

Even marked cars generally won't bother unless you take the p***.

I've often passed TVP Astras on the A413 Buckingham to Winslow stretch when they're travelling behind slower moving traffic.
I'd overtake anything travelling below the limit, unless it's weaving all over the shop, speeding up and slowing down and generally being driven by a t**t. In that case, I'd rather keep 'em where I can see 'em.
Overtook a Ferrari when I went to Newcastle the other month. Came along side expecting the guy to have charisma, character and a bit of like... you know, a grin or something.

Apparantly not, he and his Mrs sat there, bland faced in their Ferrari, and stayed there.

Lame. That was up the A1 and probably the only thing that kept me awake cos god-damn friday afternoon driving is laaaaaaame up there.

The Sunday drive back down was good though. Newcastle > Manchester in 2 hrs 10ish.


I wouldn't overtake a copper though, not if hes doing the speed limit. Its just not worth the risk.
your right bout coppers doing speed limit not worth the risk, but as for supercars of coarse i'd overtake, the only thing to be thinking though is i hope he's not a nutter and keeps me out here, because unlike other other cars he CAN!!!!
If it was somone I knew I would hold back unless it was a mate then id burn him off.
never overtake woman (sorry ladies) i tried to overtake this old woman once and not only did she speed up but she moved to the center of the road so i couldnt safely pass, think i was more scared than her
around here the cops usually do 10 km/h under the speed limit on a highway so I usually overtake them slowly when there is no oncoming traffic so he can't stop me for dangerous driving. I know the unmarked cars around here since theyre only 2 of them and have been for a while. I have overtaken a young guy in a Impreza and he didn't like it. He stayed behind me untill he had a chance and then got up to my side, smiled at me and than shot away. I would overtake a supercar just to see what the driver would do:cheesy:

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