What car would you most like to own.


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2002 Clio 172
If money was no object when it comes to running costs what car would you most like to own?
Nissan Skyline R34 GTR with all the mods to go with it, or a BMW E46 M3 with all the mods to go with it (yes that's right, I said BMW).
A Bavarian 550i Touring would suit me well. Unless, of course, BMW offers an M5 Touring.

And I've just checked the website, you can get an M5 Touring, so, that's my answer.
No problem with running costs ?

Vauxhall VXR8 Bathurst, in white with the racing stripe, and the mandatory bimodal exhaust. if you drive it very, very carefully you can get 18mpg.

because deep down, im a secret nutter.
A 2010 model Tesla Electric open top, 2 seat, rear wheel drive sports car, Max torque from 0 to 14000 RPM, range 236 miles on one charge. Faster than any petrol car ever made.
Wow what an eclectic mix of cars!

I'm going to go with an Audi r8 with the diesel engine from the Q8 and some serious turbo mods and a remap! That should do nicely thank you!

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