What car should i get


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My name is Pat and i am 24 years old man!!

A little about me:

Got into drifting a bit in the road with my Rx8 when its wet out and kinda got addicted now i kinda do it when its dry. Had a few close calls with parked cars and curbs so i dont want to hurt anyone or damage my car. So i decided to join this site and see if i can get help with what kind of car i can take to the track instead of drifting in the road.

Here is what im looking for :

- car with close to 300HP

- a small car nothing to big

- RWD Duhhh!!!

- Something around 2-3k Max

- A car that will not demand too many Mods to get it drifting well *saving up for a 350z salvaged but had to find right now.

-Track car only Will never be on the road.

- I would drift my RX8 on the track but was told there not that good and i dont wanna total the car either :toung:

- Mod that i plan on putting in the car: Gut it and Cage it, bucket seats with the race belts. And the diff, Brake pads.

I was told to get a:

- A 1990-92 toyota single turbo supra - nothing after 92 since the price tends to soar up alot. Now i was checking the specs on this car and it seem to only have about 232HP aint that kinda low to be drifting i mean my Rx8 has that and i seem to have a hard time kicking it sometimes.

- A nissan 240sx: now this is even worst i saw the specs and noticed 155hp Ouch!! What am i missing. ppl keep recomending these 2 cars to me.

Feel free to inform me on stuff im missing and give me some advice
Well thats me saying Hi.


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What about a Nissan Silvia, Nissan S18 or MX5 - all make good cheap bullet proof drift cars. The AE86 toyota is stunning to drift in but they are really rare and pricey.

Remember that the Nissan turbo engines can be fairly easily tweaked to give more power. You could always drop an RB25TT skyline engine into the Nissans for insane amounts of power but initially stick with weight reduction and sensible handling mods.

Don't dismiss the Mk1/Mk2 Ford Escort with a 2.0 Sierra engine either, these can be great fun on the track for drifting.


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canada laval
2005 mazda rx8 GT
ok maybe somebody can give me some insight on 2 things.

2004 mazda rx8: * car is said to not be a good drift car.

Engine 1.3L Bi-Rotor
HP (hp@rpm) 238 @ 8500
Torque (lb.ft@rpm) 159 @ 5500

240SX : ppl keep saying get this car.

155 hp @ 5600 rpm
Torque: 160 ft-lbs. @ 4400 rpm

ok so the 240sx has 83HP less then the rx8!! im a bit confused as why the Rx8 aint considered a better car.

Also maybe this will help me when looking for a drift car what main specs should i look for:

- How much torque
- How much HP

What makes the big difference in a good drifting car and a bad one? Ok ill prob get the *Driver* but mechanically speaking


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I beleive you need a wide power band and a wheelbase that isnt too short . RWD for sure with a decent LSD set up .
I dont really know much about non jap cars but a nissan sx or a rwd skyline (GTS not GTR) are favourites as a budget choice.

The cheapest decent jap option may well be a four door 32 GTS as they can be picked up around £1K . You can get 350bhp easy without stress decent and lsds are easy to find as most skyline LSDs will fit it and quite a few already have them
There are also lots of aftermarket steering arms available as modded skyline parts are everywhere (they will also fit most Sx 's as well )


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It has to be a 200sx imo. I had a 1993 1.8 one and loved it. They are light to begin with and have an lsd, really easy to drift. Mine had full exhaust, de-cat and induction kit. It made 156bhp and 190ft at the wheels. It doesn't sound much but it was quicker than an BMW e46 330ci.

I'd think the rx8 would be good for drifting but the rotary engine doesn't make much low down torque which wouldn't help.

My brother used to have a 3000cc single turbo supra and had loads of problems with it and it was a big heavy beast.

Let us know what you decide on in the end


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They recommend the 180SX because you're not supposed to leave it to stock power. Aftermarket exhaust, bigger turbo (nothing too big or you lose power down low), cold air intake and remapped/chipped engine control unit bring the power up. There are many 300bhp nissans out there.

But remember, you do not drift with horsepower, but with TORQUE!!! Now I'd recommend an american car (I usually do :D) but as you're driving a RX8 I doubt you'd go for those kind of rides. Big naturally aspirated engine is easier to control than a turbocharged one, and and even weight distribution helps as well. If you have the cash, an old six-cylinder BMW 3-series with an aftermarket supercharger would be perfect... ;)


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The reason the RX8 is no good is because it has no Torque, bhp isn't the most important factor, that 240sx has more torque at a thousand revs lower.

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