What car did you want as a small person?


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We've no doubt done a thread like this before but there's been lots of new members since, so off we go! :amuse:

What was the first car that really left on impression on you?

Mine is one of my Dad's mates coming round in a JPS Lotus Esprit (I called him Mr Notes, I get it now!). When he came round he always took me for a ride around the block. I still want of these now :amuse:.

my uncle bought the mitsibishi fto when it first came out think it was 1996 model, and he took me out init i couldnt see over the glove box but i still remember thinking i want one of them when im older, but today i still cant afford it because of the insurance lol
I always wanted a lamborghini countache they looked awesome in their days.
But now I would love to own an old school talbot sunbeam I had two in there day :lol:
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Cars they give us so much head ache when they go wrong but we are all still nuts on them no matter what car it is within reason thought i would get that in before some other nice person did lol:lol:
an odd choice but i'd go with a Jag XJS, 6.0 V12. one used to park at my primary school. a red one.

still want one now, despite being assured that it will fail to work, and that once the motors fixed the rest will collapse into a pile of rust, i still think its cool.
Some guy where I grew up had a lime green mustang with two white go faster stripes down the center.

Loved the thing. Sometimes I still see it.

I always wanted an M3 when I was of school age. Since becoming old enough to actually buy a car, I've never owned one and pretty much lost all enthusiasm for BMW.
I loved the Rover 220 GTi when these first came out and I got to own one for a bit!

The fantasy car I wanted thought was a white Anniversary Countach, and from reading this thread I'm not alone. I saw one recently in real life and the wheels looked tiny! I still wouldn't mind owning one though.
I've wanted a TVR Tuscan since primary school but since ive become a little older im desperate to own a 300zx or an R34 GTR. Better start saving now.....
i heard the resonance of a 3.4 mark 1 jaguar being tuned at a service station when i was 11 years old & new there and then this was a very special car . it took 22 years to realize the dream.
a mate of my dads had a skyline and my heart was set on an R32. My first girlfriend when i was at schools dad used to import jap cars (thats not why i went out with her though!) and he got one in just after i passed my test and i begged him to let me go for a spin in it but he told me to sod off :( looking back on it, if an 18 yr old boyzo asked me to go for a razz in my car, id say the same thing!
I wonder how many of us will achieve our ambitions and own the car of our dreams.

I think in reality our dreams change as we grow older and perhaps we get a little more realistic.
for me, its much the same as everyone else, lambo and F40.
I don't agree waynne. I think Im getting worse as I get older. Now dreaming of Veyrons and the like lol :lol:

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