What a job


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grimsby england
vectra cdx 2.5
Hi all i am back after the job ive just had to do on veccy,first i changed all my suspension,shocks,bearings,bushes,springs,and new bottom arms.

oh and drop links,and every nut and bolt was seized solid,big day come took it out for a test drive when bang,front off side wheel locked up and went into bumper

got it home on tow truck striped all off side down again could not see what had caused it so i then checked drive shaft and i noticed it was moving arround so i stripped it out from hub and the inner cv joint had smashed into bits

so i tried every where to get a shaft no one had one ther and then only i would have to wait a week,so i rang vauxhall and £194.00 later they got me one the next day so ive had fun
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