West Midlands Mini Meet Rolling Road Day (56k no no))


Road Burner
1996 Accord Coupe
Ok so just got back from our mini meet. It was a pity more folks didn't show as we had a laugh and the weather was great! Not to mention the boys at C.M.S did a great job and were very accommodating.

Ok so on with the pics!

Spent some time drooling over the track prepared mini's whilst waiting for everyone to show up.


My Hotrod Honda (don't ask) waiting to go on.

Herb's Euro Knight Rider

Claymore's Ultimate Sleeper packing naughtiness in the boot!

Must've forgot to get a pic of Loz's beast parked up :( Sorry dude lol

Mine on the dyno

Loz's on the dyno

Claymore's on the dyno

Herb's on the dyno.

One of the workshop guys (sorry didn't catch your name lol) gave in and put his supercharged 40 year old Austin Mini on and pulled 101bhp and 120 odd of torque!
More picture whoring in the pub car park



Dyno Run 1 - Really smooth powerband

Dyno Run 2 - Highlighted under fuelling (Gonna get a fuel boost valve)

On the plus side I made 156hp! 6 over stock!

Definitely gonna do another one in the near future and I think Loz is gonna arrange a Fryup Meet which, after asking, turned out to be a meeting of car enthusiasts who then go for a fryup!

Hopefully more folks in the West Midlands will show up next time and we can make a whole day of it!
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Wicked day out lads shame there wasnt more cars!!!!! Also next time will record some of the runs and upload them to youtube so you hear it aswel but cheers anyway lads...
Good day, great little garage, great price, what can I say. and to top it all the volvo did 2hp over standard, not bad for a car with over 200k miles.
it was a little disappointing no one else turned up but i had a good day and it was nice to meet all 3 of you and loz:amuse:

just curious at what junction did the m6 start moving again??
in the end i got off at 10 cause i was sick of waiting!!!
it was a little disappointing no one else turned up but i had a good day and it was nice to meet all 3 of you and loz:amuse:

just curious at what junction did the m6 start moving again??
in the end i got off at 10 cause i was sick of waiting!!!
by the time I came from Ikea at about 3 o:clock it was clear
by the time I came from Ikea at about 3 o:clock it was clear
not good mate was it just road works or a crash??

by the time i got to the mk3oc meet it was 2 oclock and few of them had already left
and i was talking to a lad named reno and he knows you Collin from another cruise site and he told me you repair pc's/laptops good to know for future reference ;)
Great pics 96AccordCoupe

A big thank you to everyone who came! :bigsmile:
I had a great time & the guys putting their supercharged mini on the rollers was a bonus! :D
We'll do another one when we've all upgraded out fuel regulators! :lol:





Loz :D

P.S. Have you seen the white board in the back ground of the cars on the rollers! :lol:
lol I never noticed that!

I've been checking out these fuel pressure regulator thingymebobs. Vary dramatically in price.

I need to do some research and find one that will fit my lines and will suit my estimated max power output.

Somehow I don't think I'll be needing a Sard one good for 1000hp heheh
That's the garage owner in Loz's car.

Loz behind the wheel made me laugh. He had to pull over three times because he kept losing us, tsk tsk!

He bombed past me on the M6 weaving in and out of traffic hunched right over the steering wheel with this mad expression on his face like some crazed rally driver with torrettes!

I guarantee it was Loz who started everyone off with driving down the hard shoulder to get to the next junction. heheh
Aww I wasn't that bad! :lol: Honestly I didn't go down the hard shoulder, that would be naughty (although I may have started exiting the M'way at the very earliest opportunity! :toung:) As for pulling over, I wasn't sure if everyone knew how to get back, Herb obviously did as he merrily drove past! At work we have to lead people all around the Midlands, taking them to Railway access that they don't know how to get too, so I'm used to having pull over to wait for folks when they get left at lights & such! :lol: I blame the lack of sleep, next time I'll make sure I'm not working the night before! :bigsmile:

96AC, have you got your rear coil overs fitted now?
I went to Honda this morning to pick up my bits and the bushes have not arrived yet :(

I have the bolts, washers and nuts but no bushes. Apparently HondaUK have had to special order them, so I'm guessing from the states.

Gonna have to wait until next Tuesday at the earliest. I was gutted and made that clear in the parts office. Proper tantrum lol

On the plus side, it gives me more time to find a suitable fuel pressure regulator and get it fitted at the same time.

* I didn't even know Herb was following us lol, I woulda drove slower if I knew. But aye seems he was too cool for convoying and flew past us heheh
Ah well it'll be worth the wait :bigsmile: As for fuel regulators, all roads appear to lead back the FSE! I've found a simple adjustable one for injection cars that provides a more accurate pressure, which seems to be the key. Apparently you don't need a massive increase in pressure either, to achieve good results. In fact too high a pressure will cause the engine to run rich. I've found an article on my engine, stating that upping the pressure form 3 bar to 3.2 bar saw an increase of 5bhp but increasing to bar 3.5 bar saw a larger decease in power.
I'm going to do some more reading before comitting money though. :amuse:
I remember buying an FSE power boost valve with the little round guage for my old Accord but never got around to fitting it.

You were right about the demontweeks catalogue though. Way too many items with hardly any information, it's like a maze.

I have a few prerequisites before buying:

It has to be red (That narrowed the choices down a little!).

It has to be adjustable. I don't wanna get one at a fixed pressure and then find I need to adjust it when tuning later on down the road.

It has to have a guage, either fixed or detachable, to make accurate adjustments and because I think it looks cool. :P

and it has to be affordable. It isn't something I wanna be spending 3 figures on if I can help it, not when at present it will only remedy a very very minor issue, which tbh I wouldn't of even known about without it being dyno'd.


Something like that, only not an ebay special.
tbh lads i didnt even know i was following you :blink:
and when i saw you pulled up it didnt even clock till a while later you had pulled up for me

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