were do i get serious vrs parts?


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king lynn
fabia 1.9tdi vrs
after remapping and exhaust, filter, clutch, what all the main tuners offer, i need to go a step up, i actually sent a email to Northen south who are the company contracted to the seat tdi btcc team and asked them a similar quaestion, will post reply for others when recived, in the meantime does anyone else know?
Really you are looking at major engine work. Head polishing/porting and gas flowing. Big valve conversion and uprated Turbo.

I'm more grounded in petrols than diesles so some of this may be pointless on a TDi.

You will almost certainly need stronger bottom end internals to cope with the power hike above the "norm".
Could add an LSD or get a nitrous kit. I've seen a few with this done.
aah glad you metioned, because after fiddling with turbo pipes ect i found some blue high pressure tubing and a anodised solenoid....followed it to were it was cut off along the drivers side door sill. and i found out that it got a nos kit fitted by wizards of nos, and what they do is fit you a kit, then when you and your engine is used to it, they then upgrade, i think thats what will be done along with a pd150 turbo, remap, forge intercooler
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