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Just a heads up welcoming you to our new Legal and insurance forum (Sponsored by Sky Insurance).

If you have any insurance based questions please post them in here Sky Insurance will do their best to provide solutions and answers.
Or call them and have a chat with them. Ollie should also be responding to any new threads made in this forum from the 1st December onwards. You'll be pleased with what they have to offer.
Sky insurance? didn't know they insured cars...

Im currently have a problem with direct line, they keep saying they can't accept my proof of NCD & want me to pay an extra £300. Plus they won't return my proof of NCD, they ask for original document then don't bloody return them.

My last insurer accepted it by email, they're a law unto themselves & they have far too many 'get outs'.

More details on the outcome when there is one. Now I'm gonna check out skyinsurance...

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