We go again.... 69 mustang 351

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69 Mustang Coupe
So looks like I lucked out here.... just been down to see the car and the engine does indeed have some mods -

Holley carb - 600cfm I think
Edelbrock performer intake
Mild cam (unknown as yet)
Msd electronic ignition
Msd distributor
Ally radiator
Exhaust system (unknown as yet)

Project wise (was always a running project car) it's mostly:
Paint is great from a couple feet!
It ran out of fuel yesterday and has sucked some crap into the carb so will need a strip down and clean, new fuel filter etc but nothing major, had videos of it running perfectly day before so not worried.
So few bits to do, give her a once over and she should be good to hit the road!

Plans after the above:

front disk conversion.
Replace Gear linkage bushings.
Lower her.
Electric thermostat controlled fans.
Dress up engine.
Fit valves into exhaust.
And anything else that needs done along the way!

Plan is to only have her off the road for a month max at a time,

Some more pics:


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It's nice to work on a car like this, no computers or electronics to figure out. Keep us posted this is looking like a really interesting project car.

pikey motorsports

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69 Mustang Coupe
So, first things first - the car -

Originally born a Grande Coupe with Silver Jade paint and a white vinyl roof
and beige interior.
Someone in the last 4 years decided to strip her down and paint her in BMW Laguna Seca blue. Wouldn't be so bad, except it really isn't a great paint job. She is perfectly presentable as a 5 footer though, and until the (very long) list of jobs required/wanted are done, she can stay in BMW blue!

So the good bits:

351 windsor V8.
4spd Manual with 3,25 rear axle.
Edelbrock performer intake.
holley Carb.
MSD electronic ignition.
larger alloy rad.
American racing Shelby style wheels in 17x8".

So i took it for a spin yesterday, It runs and (i use this term loosely) drives, but it does need some work to be useable, and safe on the road:

Full weather stripping.
Brakes bleeding.
gear shifter linkage rebuilt and re aligned (its fun trying to find gears currently....) - this may result in a Tremec!
Steering and alignment sorted - may look at a larger pulley or pressure relief valve to try and dull it down, it is very, VERY light presently.
smaller, less dished steering wheel - no fun trying to drive with it literally on my crotch!
Carb clean/rebuild and a minor tune up to make sure she is running well.
Investigate and resolve minor oil leak on front of engine.

then comes all the "minor" jobs....

Seats recovering.
new door cards and associated bits.
Dash needs some fettling.
Wiring is original 60's so new wiring loom is a good idea!
New parcel shelf.
various bits of internal trim.
Various bits of external trim.
new tailpipe trims.
Sorting out as many of the interior rattles and shakes as possible.
Full flat and polish to try and make the paint as good as it can be.

And only then, can i start on the "because i want to "bits, like:

Lowering / upgrading the suspension.
Audio of some description.
Wheel spacers.
Tarting up the engine bay.
Boot carpet.
Front disc conversion.
Elec rad mounted fans,

So, while i don't have a totally rotten strip her down and weld her up kinda project, pretty much everything in the above list is A) Expensive and B) time consuming! It has also been a long time since i turned a spanner, and none of my kit is imperial, so plenty of new tools required too

The good thing is, i am in no real rush. I can pick a job, take my time, complete it and then move onto the next bit..... maybe the one month max thing was a bit too optimistic!!


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Deal, Kent UK
A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
You are going to be busy. It all sounds doable to me. I saw one of these at a recent show in Green. It looked superb and the engines sound truly amazing.

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