water injection


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fiesta 1.3 wrc
cheers waynne, but now youve planted the seed lol how would i work this, do the injectors plumb into the inlet manifold, and what exactly do they do, obviusly thier there to cool the burn or summit?

*just read the artical in the drag section, good stuf, still need a bit more info tho mate, cheers*
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Theres an interesting thread on water injection in the diesel forum - the principle is the same.

A lot of places are selling water injection kits now which make the job easier.

The idea is that the flame is held back slightly and this allows a more efficient burn and reduces the propensity for engine knock.
where I can find a water alcohol injection system which vary the amount of water injected into the cylinders as a function of the rpm and has a injector for each cylinder?

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