Water damage


2014 Honda Accord S
MY 2014 ACCORD SPORT suffered some damage after riding through flooded waters in traffic. I would have tried my best to avoid the waters but the cars around me made it impossible. Everyone and their SUVs were fine but ,I unfortunately.

Initially, I heard my car swallow up some water and it started shutting off on me. After several tries, it turned back on and I let it idle for 20 minutes or so. I instantly noticed it was not driving the same; there seemed to be a loss in power when I press on the gas and the transmission doesn't climb RPMs how it normally does. Some background on my car, I bought it from a distant family member, 80k miles, ktuner v2, Borla exhaust, throttle body spacer, k&n cold air intake. With the issues I stated, my exhaust seems to peek its noise at around 3500 RPM, before I would be able to hear it past 5000RPm. Acceleration was smooth and no rough shifting (eco mode, reg. Drive, and Sport). Around 3500 4k RPM is when I feel a loss in torque and the RPMs not climbing. It sounds muffled at this point, becoming quieter as the gauges slowly go up. Acceleration from 1-3k RPMs seems perfectly normal. What could this be? I took it to the dealership and explained what happened. A technician drove it and said it's completely fine but there is definitely a difference in the drive quality. What could the problem be and how can I go about this? I do plan on scheduling another diagnostic to get this checked.
Hello and welcome Ron |B

Without seeing what you actually did and the depth of the water and where your CAI is located it is difficult to diagnose what is wrong with your car as water may have penetrated various electrical connections that can cause intermittent surging when driving.

If your CAI has allowed water to enter the motor then in extreme cases that can result in bent or broken conrods as water is not able to be compressed.

A simple compression test and or leakdown test will determine the health of your motor.

Please keep us up to date on the result of next diagnostic test.
Check the oil, if this has white emulsion in it then get it changed as water has entered the engine.

The air filter also needs to be dry, a damp filter can choke the air coming into the engine.

If you are lucky you are suffering from damp electrics and sensors. As @TCJBOLDIE says water inside the engine can cause major issues and problems.

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