wat is the best thing to do with my 216si to get more bhp help ?


thinkin wat would be worth doing is it worth modin the 1.6 si engine or putin a new engine in any idea was thinkin of maybe a rover 800i 200bhp lump need help not sure wat and how or who and do it
dont want to spend too much , just wounderin how much i could get ou a 216 engine and how much it would cost or would an engine transfere be better ? hopefull want over 200 bhp if posible
you could theroically get 200bhp from the 1.6 but
A) it wil cost alot
B) reliability will suffer

the 2.0t unit would cost less to buy and fit that what youd gain from tuning up the 1.6
The engine swap is your easiest option. The breakers yards are full of the Tomcat (2.0T) engines. If you get one from a 600 or 800 you will need engine mounts from a 220 or 420 - these just bolt on to the block. The 600 engines come with a hydraulic gearbox so are a little harder to convert (although the block is esesntially the same).

I got a 220 engine for £700 and then spend another £800 stripping it down and rebuilding the thing. I wish I'd gone for the turbo though!

You should uprate the gearbox as the 1.6 box will not be happy with the turbos power. The turbo can also be fairly easily tuned up to around 250bhp so you have a phase 2 to your project.

The 1.8VVC is also a nice engine and very reliable compared with Rovers other efforts. It might be worth researching this and might be a bit more insurance freindly.

By the way the suspension setup on the front of the turbo is different to the non turbo so you will need some 220t or 420t front springs and dampers for a proper job.
thanks for the info mate would u recommend the tomcat engine then cause i was thinkin more like the 820 t-serries ? and how easy would it be to change is it a garage join or is it easy to do myself with the rite equipment
The Tomcat is the same 2.0T block but referrs to the coupe - the engine bay is the same as yours so it would be a straight swap. The 820 will fit but you will need the mounts to fit your bay. A 220 or 420 would also be a straight swap.

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