want to shave bay, need help


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i really like the shaved engine bay look and i want to take a go at it but i have never done anything like that before. i was wondering if somebody could give some pointers or point me to some info somewhere. i plan on relocating the battery. what else can i relocate and/ or remove. i have heard of people removing their coolant tank but then how do they keep the car running cool enough? its stuff like that im wondering and the more information the better. thanks in advanced.
I wouldn't recommend removing the expansion tank completly but you could put it somewhere else I suppose :amuse:
I've heard of people removing power steering pumps & their air con for a cleaner look.

Take a picture or two of your engine bay & post them up here, then we'd have a better idea what to suggest. I know wire tucking can get a little addictive & once you start there may be no end! :lol:
IF you relocate the battery to the rear you need to use a sealed unit, you will also need to allow for ventilation. Also when you make holes in the bulkheads for the cables you must protect the cables with a rubber grommit. If you don't it will rub and wear through and eventually short causing a potential fire or at best intermittent electrical problems.
I didnt know about needing a sealed unit and allowing ventillation so thanks. the rubber grommit i did take into consideration though. i was just going to basicaly relocate by current battery box into the trunk then run all the cables back so thanks for the info. I will admit i am extremely new to this but i want to do it all myself instead of paying a shop to do it.
I have written on the topic of battery relocation before just do a search. One thing that is essential is putting a fuse in the positive line, as near to the battery positive terminal as convenient. If anything shorts out, you want the protection of a fuse/breaker tripping to stop the live cable setting fire to the car.
you know i dont get the whole battery relocation thing....

In its original location it

a) isnt sealed
b) isnt fused

why does this change when being relocated to the boot?

just out of curiosity like.

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