W203 C 200 Kompressor modding??


Mercedes C 200 K
Hi.. could someone please tell me what i can do to my car (without damaging the engine) without having to go through Brabus or AMG? thanks
as it is supercharged look towards induction - panel filter or induction kit. cat back exhaust, sports cat andif possible exhuast manifold. then go speak to a remapper such as celtic tuning and get them to custom map it. they are showing 163 standard and 183 remapped put this along with the other mods and a custom map over the generic one and you could be looking closer to 195-200
Depends would the ECU maybe not go into limp mode if the MAP sensor goes over a certain boost pressure ?
would make sense when the remaps done as it would allow you to run more boost
Combining a different pulley with a remap would make sense. Boost on superchargers is fairly linear so there is less risk of overboost than with a turbo.
thanks for the help guys. by the way im pretty new to this so dont really understand the bit about the pulley and the cat back exhaust.. dont really know the technical terms.. also what would the cost be for the remapped ecu?
The pulley is just simple gearing really, the supercharger has a pulley with a belt on it which goes round a pulley further down. Amending the sizes of these pulleys will make the supercharger spin faster and give a power gain.

Remaps cost around £300-400 but is one of the most cost effective mods you can do.

A cat-back exhaust refers to the length of exhaust from behind the catalyst to the rear of the car including the rear silencer. Hope this helps.;)
hi need to now what i could do to my clk200k w208 that needs more power is there anything i could do or does it all cost?
i heard some where that smaller pully on s/c can cause slipping could this be true?does the mini have same size pully as the merc?
the smaller pulley can cause slipping as there wont be enough tension on the standard belt, shortened belt is the answer there.

not to sure on the size of te pulleys. think the mini runs around 11 psi boost
Those superchargers have a lot of slack in them and you can get big gains from a smaller pulley and bigger intercooler and a remap,

exhaust is a must as well
Hello forum!

I've already upgraded my exhaust and wheels on my 2002 C230 coupe.

I'm approaching a position right now (financially) to get:
Smaller pulley
Larger inter cooler

I think my question is rather inline with the original post: WHERE IN THE WORLD DO I BUY THESE ITEMS, WITHOUT PAYING SEVERAL THOUSAND usd FOR RENNTECH'S OVER PRICED KITS?!?

Ive spent hours online trying to track down AFFORDABLE pulleys and inter coolers and haven't found anything yet.

Also, I would ultimately (once this engine eventually dies) like to rebuild/bore/stroke the engine as well- Same question- WHERE CAN I GET A STROKER KIT?

Any help would be greatly appreciated gents!!
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the pulley you should be able to get from straight from eaton (that's who makes the supercharger not merc themselves) although i'm not sure which model it is, e90 springs to mind so you should consult them, as for the intercooler, the cheaper option that buying a specific kit is to make a kit yourself, you can buy good quality universal air to air intercoolers for cars for realtively little money, for problem is you have to make them fit, so the best thing to do it to see how your current one fits, and then measure how much space you have to work with, then you have to see about the pipework... and most importantly after all that, get a custom remap to make everything work the way it should
Thanks to Jarrus pointing me in the right direction I came across a company called "pulley boys." I called and talked to one of the guys who told me that if I can get him either
A) Stock pulley
B) Diagram of stock pulley
that he could make me a pulley to fit the car that would be whatever size I want. Only thing limiting a smaller diameter would be the distance between the shaft and the outer edge of the pulley (in other words- you can NOT make a pulley smaller then the shaft it is mounted on). He was insistant on driving that point home with me and said in a couple different ways.

THE KICKER: The guy I talked to at Pulley Boys said the first one will cost about 200-300$. Which is a small fraction of what those Renntech kits are going for. He even went on to say that if I could get a group of guys all looking for the same exact piece that it would only cost maybe 100$ each. Super cheap if you ask me.
253-848-7776, Pulley Boys

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