vw bora v5

hey and welcome mate, double check your capacity ?
think its more likly to be 2.3 unless youve had it rebored.

try Amd Revo Jabbasport and custom code for starters but dont expect much more than 10bhp
yeah it is of course a 2.3 l
but my insurers insist on calling it 2.4 so i went with it.

Had the car about a month now and im impressed with it over all very comfy and eats miles away.

Im slightly miffed that i bought the earlier version as VW added 20 extra bhp in models a year later.

Im just left with the impression that there is more to be gleaned but hav e no idea about such things.

Maybes ill keep this one for a year or so then look for a tdi to play with or something.
Fit a cold air induction kit and a full exhaust including manifold and de-cat and then get it remapped. You could see around a 25bhp increase maybe more depending on the health of the engine.
yeah they made it a 20v head on the 170 models, might be worth trying to find out if you can fit the 20v head on the 10v block.

check the V5 and get in touch with your insurers argue the fact its a 2.3 to them and it even has the engine capacity on the paperwork.

it is good at eating up the miles, i find the 4 pot turbo is a stunning crusier if a little thirsty at times.
If an engine is 2349cc a lot of insurers will class this as a 2.4 as long as you give them the right info at the start you will be ok.

They are lovely cars and sound stunning when diven like they were meant to be. Last time I looked there were some companies offering remaps that would give you back your "lost" power.
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