VW Audi Skoda Seat fault code list with explanation


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Found this handy list of fault codes for VAG group cars...

1111 Engine control module (ECM) - defective ECM
1231 Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) Wiring, speedometer, VSS
1232 Idle speed control (ISC) actuator Throttle valve tight/sticking, wiring, multi-plug incorrectly wired, ISC actuator
2111 Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor Air gap, metal particles, insecure sensor/rotor, wiring, CKP sensor
2113 Camshaft position (CMP) sensor Air gap, insecure sensor/rotor, wiring, poor connection, fuse, distributor/camshaft alignment, CMP sensor
2121 Closed throttle position (CTP) switch Accelerator cable adjustment, CTP switch adjustment, wiring, CTP switch
2141 Knock control - control limit exceeded ECM
2142 Knock sensor (KS) 1 Wiring, KS, ECM
2144 Knock sensor (KS) 2 Wiring, KS, ECM
2212 Throttle position (TP) sensor Wiring, poor connection, TP sensor
2214 Maximum engine RPM exceeded Incorrect gear shift, CKP/RPM sensor
2222 Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor TC wastegate regulating valve, hose connection(s), oil contamination, valve timing, poor connection, wiring, MAP sensor, ECM
2231 Idle speed control (ISC) Intake leak/blockage, throttle valve tight/sticking, IAC valve or ISC actuator/position sensor
2234 Engine control module (ECM) - supply voltage Fuse, alternator, battery, current draw with ignition OFF, engine control (EC) relay, wiring
2242 Mixture adjustment resistor Wiring, mixture adjustment resistor
2243 Instrument panel, fuel consumption signal Wiring short to positive, instrument panel
2312 Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor Wiring, poor connection, ECT sensor
2314 Engine/gearbox electrical connection Wiring, transmission fault
2322 Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor Wiring, poor connection, IAT sensor
2323 Volume air flow (VAF) sensor Intake leak, wiring, VAF sensor
2324 Mass air flow (MAF) sensor Intake leak, wiring, MAF sensor
2341 Heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) - lambda control Heating inoperative, intake/exhaust leak, misfire, fuel level low, fuel pressure/pump, injector(s), EVAP canister purge valve, MAF sensor filament burn-off, wiring, HO2S
2342 Heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) Wiring, HO2S, heating inoperative, fuel level low
2411 Exhaust gas recirculation temperature (EGRT) sensor Wiring, EGRT sensor
2412 Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor Wiring, poor connection, IAT sensor
2413 Mixture control (MC) Fuel level low, fuel pressure/pump, intake/exhaust leak, misfire, MAF sensor filament burn-off, HO2S, EVAP canister purge valve, injector(s), excessive fuel in engine oil
3434 Oxygen sensor heater relay Wiring, oxygen sensor heater relay
4312 Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solenoid Wiring, EGR solenoid
4332 Engine control module (ECM) - output stages Wiring, ECM controlled components
4343 Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve Wiring, fuse, EVAP canister purge valve
4411 Injector 1 Wiring, injector
4412 Injector 2 Wiring, injector
4413 Injector 3 Wiring, injector
4414 Injector 4 Wiring, injector
4421 Injector 5 Wiring, injector
4422 Injector 6 Wiring, injector
4431 Idle air control (IAC) valve Wiring, IAC valve
4433 Fuel pump relay Wiring, fuse, fuel pump (FP) relay
4444 No fault found -
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