vw 1.9 tdi mapping do i need to change torsion value power after 3k revs


vw 1.9
I have a vw 1.9 tdi engine, was 105 bhp now has pd150 inj, pd150 turbo fmic etc
recently been mapped but the power seems to be coming in after 3000 revs, running around 24psi, doesnt seem to be a wow factor when power kicks in but is better than the 105
in the lower gears and below 3000 revs the power isnt really there and what there is is not progressive
the mapper is sayin gi need to adjust the torsion value, its currently at 0.5
i thought you can adjust when the power comes in when mapping the mapper is saying its no the map but the torsion value needs to be adjusted , didnt really wantto mess wit it as currently 0.5
any thoughts please

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