vtec in earlier?


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Okay... so I'm looking at modifying a 98 1.8 vtec Accord and I'd really like the vtec in as early as I can (preferably all the time or like 2000 revs) but I have NO idea where to start.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, what is the other cable that runs opposite the throttle cable into a wee box? (pardon the ignorance)
You can fit a VTEC controller. This will allow you to adjust when VTEC kicks in (yo!). I think TDi North are the closest place to you I can think of.
hi my name super dave at dave honda racin,on setting your v-tec fine out where your torque max out and your horsepower kick in. o-yea you will have get this information from a dyno befor the the dyno test disconnet v-tec from the solenoid run the test fine where the torque max out and the horsepower bring that where you set your v-tec. good luck
We're a few years late...
For the record, there's no point in adjusting VTEC engagement point. The whole idea is to allow high rpm torque without unduly compromising low end and midrange torque. Moving the breakpoint lower down would reduce power output and increase fuel consumption.

The whole concept of VTEC is to allow wide range flexibility. If it wasn't necessary then Honda and everyone else would simply use the high rpm cam profiles across the whole rev range
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this is why you put the accord on the dyno fine out what RPM your torque max out a stock 98 accord with a v-tec s 1.8 engine f18b your h.p.138 at 6100 RPM/ TORQUE 124 at 5000 RPM V-TEC SWITCH OVER AT 4500 RPM. IF YOU CAN INSTALL F20B6 OUTPUT 145 HP AT 6000 RPM /WITH V-TEC. OR GO ALL OUT WITH A H22A 220 HP AT 7200 RPM TORQUE 160 FT.LBS AT 6500 RPM. THIS WHAT IN MY 1997 ACORD EURO-R WITH AFTER MARKET BOLT ON PARTS.265 HP AT 7700 RPM IT WILL SET YOU BACK IN YOUR SEAT, THIS YEAR 2016 IAM LOOKING FOR 300 +HP WILL KEEP IN TORCH. SUPERDAVE , C'YA & color me gone.
Wow, was that in English? I must be getting old because I don't understand a word of it :)

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