Volvo S40 2.0d tuning project

my mate who installed it is fantastic when it come to fabrication..he made a sleeve out of 3” inch stainless exhaust tube so it can be easily removed and fabricated the small exit pipe that the filter sits on..he does all my mods..his background is building drift cars mainly of the Nissan verity..he love S15’s and R33’ intercooler came out of one of his drift cars..
Believe it or not they are 225/40/18’s..I also thought the profile looked quite low in the read your message sent to my personal email with regards to discussions about water/methanol injection and hybrid turbos..I’m not very savvy when it comes navigating around forums so if you send me links to said discussions id be more than happy to give my input... :)
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They do look quite skinny, but suit the rim really well.

I've put a new thread up like the email I sent out but with links this time.

I bought some black centre caps to replace the silver ones..I popped the old caps off and all the paint chipped away!..took the car back to the powder coater who said that shouldn’t have happened..without quibble he redid them all straight away...fantastic service...fitting 30mm H&R lowering springs with Sachs dampers all round in a few days..
Had the lowering kit fitted..the supplier sent Bilstein dampers instead of Sachs which are far more superior at no extra cost..Why?..who and after pics so you can see the new black centre cap and how much she’s been lowered..


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It has improved but to be honest the car handled very well on the stock does feel much tighter though which is to be expected as the original suspension had been on the car since it left the showroom and the front n/s damper had begun to weep which was an advisory on the MOT last week...all in all I’m very impressed...
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Not sure I'd recommend polybushes, they tighten stuff up but you lose a lot of the flex in the suspension and road shocks do more damage and wear on the suspension arms.

It depends where you want to go with it really.
I know what you’re saying..there’s nothing wrong with the bushes at present so I think I’ll leave it till it’s time to replace them...
Something for the weekend....a bit of “NITROUS “..


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That’s quite a deep never meant to go as far as I’ve gone?..started with a stage 1 map and just kept growing from there to be honest..I’ve now ended up with a S40 2.0d that will destroy a T5R! like the car,she’s in fine fettle for her age and the smiles per miles she puts on my face is priceless.. ..
I own a 04 volvo v50 2.0d without DPF and find the information regarding our hpfp and injectors very useful... no more I feel jelous about Bosch’s CP3 used on JTDs and VAG CRs engines :)
You shouldn’t be jealous...the Siemens Fuel pump on our cars is very much up to the job and will go beyond 300BHP!...
I’ve been enjoying the nitrous...even an 11lb bottle doesn’t last as long as you’d does get quite addictive..and I do mean for the cat,not me personally...I sound like a right “druggy” there!...:-)
Purring like a has been done corners cut..the stock internals are good for 300+BHP as long as nothing is on its way out.. lol...the water/meth kit and the nitrous helps keep the intake charge very cool which is good for reliable power...I’m getting 250+BHP & 435ftlb(590Nm) but we are still playing with the jetting on both the meth & the nitrous and my tuning guru reckons we could get close to the magic 300 area?...
Hi Greg1990, I have been scratching my head on how to install the catch can as there's a possible chance I have a faulty PCV system.

You're showing the catch can as free flowing and not connected to anything at the other end.
Could you instruct me on how to install the catch can? I have looked at diagrams of how the PCV system works, and I cannot figure it out at all exactly how it can be plugged in.

The inlet manifold confuses me, as I can see the pipe from the back of the engine going to the circular PCV valve, through the condensor (manifold) then back to the oil fill in plug via the pipe. What part of those are you blanking?

Also I cannot see in the picture very clearly where the catch can is connected, so I'll assume you have that connected to the airbox at the back? Sorry I could be wrong, and would rather be right if you could guide me.

Any pictures would be very helpful as I cannot figure the order. I would appreciate any help you could give me. I'm loving my 2.0D Volvo so helping with the oil consumption, and fix the pressure from the PCV system being faulty would help a lot.

Also, on Vida it states there's an intergal PTC element that heats up the oil that is being passed through the PVC system when particularly cold to stop the water freezing. If there's things being blocked or replaced, what is happening to this PTC that's built into at least one of the pipes we're blanking/rerouting?
I’m not very mechanical minded? friend does all the technical work..didn’t know there was a PVC valve on the 2.0d?..from what I can gather...we disconnected the breather pipe from the cylinder head and blanked it off then took a pipe from the cylinder head to the catch can..not sure if that helps?
Thanks for the reply Greg.

Do you mind taking a photo of your engine with the cover off, and one of the back of the engine block so I can identify precisely what needs doing. :)
I think Greg only connected the hose that goes from PCV into catch can. Second hose on the right side of cam cover might be still be connected because judging by how is catch is (by pictures) there's no return hose only an air filter
The pipe that’s blanked off came off the back of the cylinder head and replaced with the blue pipe that goes to the catch can..


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Thank you again Greg, really appreciate your responses and photos!
Really impressed with your setup so far I most admit.
So the circular pcv goes directly into the catch can then and just vents? Have you found less oil on your intake/turbo and any change to performance since?
Thanks for the explanation, diogogaspar!

Definitely don't want to mess with any of the breather systems on the car, but blowby is just something I can't stand, especially if I only need to drain a can and recycle it all eventually at my local centre. Much better for the environment.
Yes...instead of it being vented into the intake it goes to the catch can...not sure if it’s added to the performance as such but it’s improved the breathabillity of the engine...
I think Greg only connected the hose that goes from PCV into catch can. Second hose on the right side of cam cover might be still be connected because judging by how is catch is (by pictures) there's no return hose only an air filter
So here's a question then...

I've labeled in the diagram that the oil filler cap is connected before the separator, and I thought that I could divert it entirely and put a breather catch can in that place as I suspect my PCV isn't doing it's job (I'm not willing to replace the entire intake manifold to replace a valve just yet) - Would this still function? There's slight misting with the cap off so I suspect it must be venting through that pipe on the right side of the cam cover as you mentioned, then via the PCV at the back where it goes back to be burnt... That would work surely? Maybe even install a breather there first, and a catch can after the PCV, or just block that separator entirely and just divert it to a breather can/catch can/both?
I'll have to install a non return valve somewhere along the line if I do divert the PCV. (Before any venting)

Cheers! :D
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I'm doing pretty much the same thing as you guys
I've got a s40 d4204t with following engine mods
Full custom 2.5" exhaust
Demon motorsport gt1756 hybrid turbo
Direnza focus st alloy intercooler
2.5" intercooler pipes
Egr delete
Ram air Induction kit
Creation motorsport catch can
Focus st hardrace engine mounts

I'm booked in for mapping on a rolling road this saturday & wondering if anyone has found the best map sensor for achieving around 250hp? Got a short space of time to find 1 & if you've found any other components that will let go around this power? What other things should i be buying? bought the car standard 2 month ago so it's been a rush from 1 part to another,
Any advice on parts needed is apreciated tia
Have you removed dpf and cat?
Hi there...Mines an O7 and doesn’t have a DPF but the cat as been cut issues with emissions need a map sensor from a Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDI...thats what I’m through this thread..with all the mods I’ve done I’m now getting over 300BHP with the same reliability as stock...the internals are pretty much bulletproof...good luck...the map sensor can be obtained from NB I this thread from the beginning and you’ll have an heads up where you want to go with your mods?...
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Running like a dream the jetting sorted on both the water/meth and nitrous...rebuilt the fuel pump and injectors...she wipes the smiles off all those young lads with mapped up AudiMW/VW...whilst putting a large one on my
Not at dumb question at all...Yes...I get a puff of black smoke when I put my foot down and she black smokes under hard throttle at the top of the Rev range but no more than what you would expect from a mapped up diesel?...there is a saying round here...”where there’s smoke there’s poke”...or “you don’t have poke without smoke”
If you ever get a chance, put a video of it, i really want to see how it goes in full send mode and everything lol
I do actually have a video my friend took from his Audi S3 as I destroyed him on our local bypass but I don’t think it would be wise to be uploading it on social me...she’s quick... ;-)
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