Volvo 440 turbo ECU tuning


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Volvo 440 turbo
Does any one have any experience of having a 440 turbo ecu re-mapped/chipped, been doing some research and theres the Richmod ecu (but like the proverbial rocking horse) and RICA advertise an ecu remap, there may be others but am strugling to find them any help welcome.
Hi kev,
dont think your going to find much in the remapping department for this one,
we dont have it on our database anymore at evolutionchips as there wasn't much demand for it so now listed as obsolete..
although there's bound to be someone that will still have something for it.
hope you get sorted mate.

It might be easier to just fit boost controller to the car. Do any ther cars share this same engine? I Know that ford sometimes use the same engines as Volvo in their cars.
ford have only recently used there engines, but older volvo's like this one were renault engines so may be better looking for tuning bits on a renault site?
you can fit an induction kit,and as wayne says a boost controller, which are cheap enough and have an exhaust made up.

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