Vectra Upgrading!


Vectra 2.0 CD

I have a 2.0 Vectra CD (1999) and want to mod the lump and get the best out of it in all areas, so where do I start??!!

I have plans for the bushes, coils, shock and springs and the entire underneath, and have a nice set of 17 inchers on the way.

I do not expect her to go like a ferrari, just a little quicker in all areas is always nicer :) :) :), And not fogetting to make her "Sound" a little throatier would be nice! (Dont want to sound lik eone of those boy racer twits with a bean can on a 1100 fiesta!).

Look forward to all your suggestions!



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A mod that will see you a hike of minimum 40bhp is actually cheaper than an exhaust system, and an extra £0-40 thrown at it will take it by another 26bhp. So, get yourself a 2.5 V6 and then fit a set of 3.0 V6 Cams and that will give you 192bhp without anything else and will only cost you about £300-400 max ;)

The 2.0 Vectras have the same size disks as the 2.5 V6 so thats all good, you should already have the 5 stud hubs if its a 2.0 so that means if you wanted to, you could fit the GSi brake and suspension set-up which will lower it by 25mm and stiffen it all up.

The only loom you need is the engine as all Vectras pretty much have the same interior loom. Even your gearbox will be fine. The V6's are a bit scary when it comes to thinking about MPG, but the v6's will easily do 15mpg giving it some, and hikes up to around 30-32mpg on the motorways so not that expensive to run at all really.

I have done this myself in the pst so I can give you a rough step by step if needed and I can also point you in the direction of loads of Vectra stuff. Let me know what you want to spend and I can tell you the best way ;)