Vectra GSi estate MSD#1575 (proper thread)

Right o then guys, starting this thread frsh for the Veccy rather than keep posting in the MG thread :)

If you've read the reprevious posts from said MG thread, you'll know that i've gona and got myself a right bargain of beast.

So to catch up, i have a 1999 Vectra GSi estate which was MSD build number 1575 which turns out according to the MSD register, that it's one of the last few pre-faclift estates which is cool. And heres the pics from previous post =



But we have and update aswell (i can't keep my hands off cars lmao) Fitted my air filter form the 2.6 Sri as I just love the sound, took it for quick spin and hasn't affected the running of the car unlike it did when I fitted one to my old 2.5 Calibra before the exhaust was done, that just sucked too much air and couldn't get rid quick enough, but not the GSi i'm happy to say.

Picked the car up this morning and have already given the car a clean aswell as it hadn't been done for a couple of weeks and living next to the beach doesn't do your paint job any favours lol. Came up better than I thought (excuse the misserable weather lol) =



And here the good old SRi sitting in the background =


More spec of the car are Irmscher double D back box, cruise control mod, lower part of the chrome grill has been sprayed the same colour as car so may get an Irmscher grill to remove the chrome "V" part. Also has a removable tow bar which is always handy I suppose. Oh and a private plate.

I'm going to get the Meguires 3 stage system and a clay bar kit later or in the morning as the paint is not very smooth and covered in particals and tarmac so will get some pics done of it down th ebeach as soon as the weather down here turns good again (supposed to be in the next 2 or 3 days) so watch this space.

So what do you reckon to my new "bargain of beast" then peeps?
Dont bother mate. The mushrooms are really only good for Turbo's and chargers and a intercooler on a none turbo/charger car is a waste of time unless doing just for looks so leave that until you do the supercharger conversion (mega mega bucks). Besides, the hot air getting cooled by the intercooler, wont be as good as cold air from a better filter getting even colder from a intercooler. So as said, unless you have something like a skyline or a supra, dont bother with the mushroom filter.

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