Vauxhall Calibra with sprayed art


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Here is a stunning blue Vauxhall calibra with a thunder bolt spray painted down the side. The car has been owned from new and has certainly had a lot of attention and money lavished on it. We like the forked 5 spoke alloy wheels and the thunder clap really looks good against the dark blue [...]

What are your thoughts of this then? Is this your thing? How would you improve on this? Would you like to see this parked outside your house?
Smart bit of work but it takes away the original beauty of a Calibra. Also if you look at the ride height, it's only a 2.0 8v or 16v engine as the V6 and Turbo models are all 20mm lower and look good even standard. The wheels dont suit it either. Those sort of jap style wheels are great on Jap cars but not European.
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