VAG PD engines and fuel quality (additives?)


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Who knows their stuff with VAG PD engines? I have heard they can be a pain with things like injectors if not looked after properly. In a bid to combat any such issues and because I care about my cars, ever since buying my Golf TDi in April, I have filled up with Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel.

To be honest, I do not expect to see better MPG or performance by using it but I thought the extra additives would be good for the engine and perhaps produce less smoke under acceleration.

Does anyone run a VAG PD engine on supermarket diesel and find it runs ok? Also, are there any additives out there that are recommended for VAG engines?
I have the 2.0TDi PD engine. I only use Shell. Pretty much every other fuel I've used has been quite sooty and I do like the extra power I get from VPower.

The only other fuel I'm tempted to use is BP. Tesco diesel is actually quite good apparently but our nearest is so far away it doesn't make sense to try it.

Run some BG fuel cleaner through the engine once a year and that will sort out the deposits on the injectors and soot in the engine, see our link in the side of the main site for retailers of this.
Thanks. Just checked out the BG244 stuff which gets excellent reviews. Do I need to wait until almost empty and pour it in before filling up or am I ok using it now I've just filled up?
I'd say you would be OK to add it to a full tank. BG244 comes in a 325ml can so it's diluted enough to run down the filler neck and mix with the fuel. There are other additives which are more concentrated and only require 50ml per tankful and these are better added before you fuel up.
Thanks. The only other thing that occurred to me is that having been using V-Power Diesel since April, the detergents etc. in the fuel should clean everything up anyway. Or perhaps this BG stuff is in a different league?
I don't understand the technical aspects but I presume that the BG244 will help with the injectors to a greater extent than whatever they put into the diesel at the pumps.
SoK the fuel additive would/should help lube the pump as well as help keep the injectors and combustion chamber clean, prevent the diesel bug forming and remove any water in the tank.
The additives they put in fuel do a reasonably good job of keeping things clean but they are not able to cope well with a high mileage engine that has got years or residue and neglect in it.

The BG stuff is like the fuel additives but on steroids. Yes you can add it to a full tank and it will disperse. I would also recommend shorter journeys and letting it soak into the engine soot rather than going on one long run.
The BG stuff is like the fuel additives but on steroids. Yes you can add it to a full tank and it will disperse. I would also recommend shorter journeys and letting it soak into the engine soot rather than going on one long run.
Interesting take on short journeys, hadn't appreciated that aspect of them.
I mainly use additives because I run on cheap(crap) fuel.
(Used, filtered veggie oil and waste mis-fuelled mixture)B)
And the 1.9pd loves it.
Thanks all for the input. I am placing an order now for a can and will see how it goes. The great thing is Wayne that I live 7 miles from work and the morning commute is probably 80% A38 cruising but due to the one way system through the site, my route home is slightly different and probably about 20% A38 cruising. So there's plenty of town driving to be had as well as steady cruising.
I've done this for years....

5ml of 2 stroke oil for every litre of diesel. It conditions all the seals in the fuel pump and makes the diesel burn more efficiently.

A word of warning though, if you have a DPF only use Semi Synthetic (API TC+, JASO FC, ISO-EGD Spec) 2T oil as mineral based with screw up your DPF big time and don't use fully synthetic in any diesel as it doesn't mix well with diesel.

But for non DPF diesels just standard 2T oil will do.
Just bringing this topic up again. I've ordered another can of BG244 and by the time it gets delivered on Thursday, I'll be down to half a tank of fuel.

The can treats up to 60 litres of fuel with the Golf's tank being 55 litres. Is it ok to pour it into half a tank or should I wait until I've filled up?
Pour half of it into half a tank or fill it up then use it. It will be ok but you need duration more than strength IMO, so putting a strong dose in will not be as effective as a full tank dose and giving it 400 odd miles to do it's thing

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