Uses for a carputer.


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If you had a computer in your car (a carputer) what would you use it for mainly?

I guess the obvious applications are
  1. Playing movies
  2. Playing music
  3. Sat Nav
  4. Wifi internet access
  5. Engine diagnostics/control
  6. Playing games
Are there any others I have missed? What are the main ones you would use it for?
1,2,3,5 and possibly 6 but games are limited as most low power processors sit around 800Mhz to 1.6Ghz. any pc that produces a total of more than 160w is a bit much to try and power from the car battery.

wouldnt bother with the wifi all the time as its still a bit expensive £15 for 3gb. i get 500mb free on my phone .

Hopefully will have mine in by the end of the year
i had one in the lexus was always playing games watching movies good for your sounds and ebay in the day at work

hard bit was wiring it up to the sounds in the lexus as it has amps every were
Yeah the wiring looks like it could be a pain, im just thinking of putting the inputs through the phono input on the head unit ( do away with the cd changer )
thats what i did from the pc to the cd player so if i wanted to play cds i did not have to go to the boot every time that was in the glove box asi had a 7in flip out screen out of the dash but had to make my own wiring up for the cd player to the amp as they dont make a wiring harness up for a lexus ls400 mk3 so after month of trying to find a wiring diagram i got one and made one up
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