Used K-seal in my car, now the water level in expansion tank is erratic, why ?


Torque Junkie
Ford Focus mk2
Car had slow leak, was loosing 1 cup of water per week. Chemical test revealed bad head gasket, as no other symptoms we think it's picked up old contaminants from when HG went last year ( if it even did)

We used k-seal in my car ( although I was dead against it ) 10 mins later check water it was almost empty, topped again and several minutes later the level had dropped again, check when cold the level is higher, drive a few mins and almost empty again, then check when cold and has risen slightly
before using k-seal it was steady, loosing about 1 cup per week.

Checked thermostat and is working, car blows hot air, no wet carpet in car, however the 2 hoses near front of engine, top hose is cold, bottom hose is hot. top hose feels slightly stiff, lower hose is hot and squishy.

I think we got all the air out as can see no more bubbles rising from the bottom to the top of the tank.
Anybody got any ideas ?

my car is a 2006 1.8 ford focus sport 1.8 TDCI

edit: oh, when I told somebody we used k-seal he says I may as well just get rid of it because we used k-seal, why would he say that ?

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