Upgrading a clutch for less than £500


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Hi all
Currently running a 1.9 seat Leon 105 and putting a hybrid turbo in it which will take it up to 185hp. Standard injectors and standard clutch but the clutch will need upgrading and will possibly upgrade the injectors to get 230hp

Any suggestions on a suitable clutch that could comfortably withstand 230hp and fit my Leon for less than £500
For a clutch I would have the pressure plate recoed with more clamping pressure along with a cushion button plate and IMO that should easily handle the planned power increase.

NOTE The flywheel may need resurfacing as well.

Any competent clutch rebuilder should be able to do this for app 1/2 or not too much more of your budget IF you have removed the clutch.

I would also have the car remapped on a dyno as the turbo will be supplying more air & boost at different parts of the power band and you will /should be told of the duty cycle of the injectors to find out if they need upgrading.

80% injector DS is considered a safe maximum as there is still some headroom left.

Don't know if your existing EMS (computer) can be adjusted or if an aftermarket computer is needed.
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Thanks for the reply
Yea I forgot to say about the flywheel but it's needed too. I'm sort of just looking for an aftermarket upgrade and the only price I've got so far was £500 and was hoping to better if it there were any bargains online.
A remap will also be done and having a de-cat as well
Be careful when looking for the cheapest clutch. Talk to the manufacturers to find a suitable clutch for your power plans, including any future upgrades. Then look for the best price.

Buying cheap often means buying twice, plus the hassle of replacement.
Hi, for that kind of HP, you'll need to dig a bit deeper than 500 squid. A stock setup it about that much, and personally I don't think I would be running a dual mass flywheel. So a single mass flywheel and competition driven plate, plus a matching cover plate, you will be looking at upwards of £900 at a guesstimate.

Avoid cheap. The rule of thumb "if seems a really good deal" it most likely isn't.... Quality costs, and any one who runs at a tuned plus 200hp you are asking a lot of everything, that's motor internal s, clutch, gearbox, not to mention CV joints and brakes.... It just doesn't stop.... Have you checked the drive train will reliably transmit that much hp?

Let us know what you find out, it might be useful to other readers. Best wishes Kev

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