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Hi everyone,

Hopefully I'm not spamming or posing a ridiculous question, but I am attempting to understand the inner works of this lovely car.

My question really is understanding the various engines in the Fiesta, or, rather, Ford provides. For example, Ken Block's vehicle uses a stock 2011 Fiesta but uses a 2.0L Duratec-R. Don't have those in stock Fiestas in Canada. Regardless, that bad boy has a custom Garrett attached to it.

I guess what I'm really asking is this: How does one come to understand what engine can handle what modifications? Again, using Block's Fiesta as an example, how come his 2.0L Duratec-R can handle a turbocharger that probably adds a few hundred HPs and a 1.6 may not be able to?

I only ask because I read through this forum and someone was talking about spending 2000 pounds (sorry, Canadian keyboards don't have the pound symbol) but he would only get 50-80 HP from such a big expense.

Or how come a diesel engine is better (I am referencing diesel thread)?

Damn. So many questions. It would just be nice to be pointed in the direction of some articles or something as to educate myself and avoid questions like this in the future.
Are you sure Blocks Fiesta is a 2.0?
If it is it's been seriously worked because i'm sure it kicking out 650 odd bhp.
The most part of tuning any engine is trial and error amd asking as many questions as you can think of to other people that may have or had the same issues with building an engine with uprated parts.
With new developments it's mostly trial and error as a above. It's not really to do with engine size so much, although that is a limiting factor. You've read the Rudders Mountune thread then, tuning an N/A engine is generally more expensive bhp per pound.

What exactly are your questions? Because I could type and type all day about random rubbish and car tuning.

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