Type R or Type S


Doncaster UK
Hi all

I have suddenly found myself in a position to buy me a new motor the trouble is with 2 kids and a nice 45 mile round trip to work everyday the likes of subaru's and Evo's just don't come into budget so Im left with the choice of returning to good old Honda ( first ever car was a 1989 CRX Si import:love: ) Now I have narrowed my choices down to the two models listed in the title but which should i go for..... :confused:

Type R has many obvious pro's but the model is getting long in the tooth and almost impossible to find a real tidy one at a realistic price

Type S (CL7) 2002 onwards is a newer car still looks quite fresh and has a 6 speed box but worried the performance is lacking even though its a 2.4

Anyone had any experience in the 2 models

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