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Anyone tried adding mineral two stroke oil to the fuel tank in diesel fuelled cars?

1/4 litre added to the tank at fuelling time seems to take away some of the combustion noise and PD injector noise.
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I filled the Motorhome tank to the brim before going to Santa Pod a couple of weeks back. When I finally use enough to be able to get a reasonable mpg figure I will be refilling and adding mineral 2-stroke at 1:200.

Using 2 stroke in diesel has been around for quite some time with acres of debate on many forums with nearly all of it being positive.
I was not aware of this at all but after doing some reading it sounds like a good thing. I would like to learn more before I try it.
There's loads written on the interweb about this topic. I keep uncovering more of it and indeed, as OG states, pretty much all positive. In some cases no difference has been noted, have not yet found a report of a problem.
Lots of folk say that semi synthetic is OK but to avoid full synthetic. Seems obvious really, after all we want the stuff to burn, not resist burning!!

I've tried Halfords garden (ahem) mineral two stroke oil which is JASO FB rated. Unipart's JASO FC seems to work much better in my car. I believe that too is a mineral formulation.

The Passat is not the most refined of four cylinder diesels compared to Common Rail engines which are noticeably quieter outside. Apparently the PD injectors themselves create quite a bit of additional noise.

What I will give the Pumpe Duse system though is it's extraordinary ability to convert diesel fuel into motive power. The fuel efficiency and torque delivery are phenomenal.
Yes it adds a couple of quid to a tank of fuel but if the lubricity makes the engine do another 100,000 without intake/turbo/EGR emissions issues then I am happy.
i use 2 stroke mineral oil in my diesels fuel, and i use Marvel mystery oil in my petrol fuel.
been using M/M oil for over 50yrs, long before i got into diesels.

it lubes the injectors (petrol) and the pumps, coats the internals of any metal surfaces(corrosian).
leaves no combustion deposits(so it must burn?).
i would say YES i is suitable in any fuel injected engine, diesel or petrol.
in modern diesel fuel most sulfer has been taken out ,leaving little to no fuel lubrication, so for us home guys a slight amount of lube cant hurt things.

and for petrol/gasoline pumps and injectors, it has got to be helpful, in reducing corrosion and associated problems!
but you would be careful to use a burnable lube,so as to not build up carbon deposits.
altho water injection every so often would be a nice touch! that would really clean up valve and chamber crude.
interesting to say the least, back when USA diesel fuel went to 15PPM fuel, a very good shop specializing in Diesel fuel injection equipment said he liked the new fuel ,because his business increased by around 50% the 1st year!

there was a lot of warrentee combacks, especially on the older equipment ,well it seems , after much lawsuits & BS,the oil companies changed the refining conditions, and made additive changes also, and engine manufacturers made changes in pumps and injectors, mostly metalurgy stuff!

my personal experiance with actually driving a motorhome bus with an inline 6 GMC diesel, was 9 miles to a US gallon, after the new fuel came about, my MPG went down to 7 US MPG, YES it smoked less, and also made slightly less power, and oder was reduced!

so now i'm sure the planet will still be HERE, when the human race is extinct.LOL.
I've been doing this on & off for nearly 1 year now, Ive not had any problems, but I do wonder if it's doing anything - as I have only had the car a year I don't know previous performance, noise and smoke ( only smokes when I 'boot' it).
The one lady owner I bought the A4 b7 2.0 Tdi from only ever used performance diesel-its all I use too.
I have had DPF removal and the MOT guy said it was cleaner than many Diesels he passes with a DPF.
Hope this helps you decide........?

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