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Hi to all,
It's been a while and I've been kind of busy since I've been away, the blue 306 has gone to heaven (I broke it and still have most the parts) I still have my 205 turbo diesel which is still largely un modified but I've bought myself another car, a Peugeot 306 GTi6 something I've wanted for a long time and I'm kind of gutted I never bought one sooner, it's a high mileage car with 120,000 miles on it but it ran sweet as you like pulling hard through all the gears and no nasty noises or smoke, but since I'm in the quest for power I've since pulled it all apart and making merry with rebuilding and de-rusting it where it needs it (it's not that bad, they are really aren't rust buckets 306s..)

Back to the title of the post,
I should mention this is a joint venture between me and my father and eventually intend to travel to and do a few laps of the Nurburgring in it,
My dad would like to go twin charged and has charged me (no pun intended) with gathering some information on the subject, the plan is to go for something that revs fairly high (7500-8000rpms) to increase the size of the power band without monster amounts of midrange torque, the idea being we still want some midrange there but traction will be at a premium on a front wheel drive car and running monster tyres isn't an option since the wheel arches don't allow.

so far...
I've found this helpful page...
and I thought great!
However like me you've probably noticed that this information is largely based on work with diesel trucks, the principles are the same I would imagine for a petrol but the problem comes with the addition of a throttle
Where do I put it in the system? Which system is best to go for? I'm kind of racking my brain since the best sounding system is the last one on the list on that web page (I'd suggest reading it at this point if you haven't already done so) which is having the supercharger blowing into the turbo, that said Claymore has had success with running his system the other way around.....

So, suggestions would be most helpful for sure...

PS I'm aiming towards 400hp at the fly, maybe 500hp if the engine can stand it, and yes... supporting mods will be considered as well
Nice to hear from you again buddy! :)

Most guys that run the Lynx Supercharging kits run on high boost @ 400bhp and run fine. However, I think it will need some porting and polishing, custom inlet manifold with larger ports and a few other bits and peices with headwork. I think forged internals should be considering as the boost levels woiuld be quite large unless it will be a low boost system controlled by a controller and aftermarket ECU.
Hey Dave,
Thanks for your input,
Looked at the Lynx kits, they're pretty much bolt on, they use the standard ECU and a factory head and cams for both the high and low boost options.
They manage to get the supercharger to work with the standard ECU due to the fact they put the throttle on the inlet of the supercharger in a draw through manner so the MAP sensor doesn't see any positive pressure, also they use the standard exhaust manifold which if you've saw it, is a work of art to say the least... but replace the inlet with something with shorter runners to make room for the supercharger as the GTI6 inlet runners are massively long (I'm guess to get a greater torque spread)
They even now do a super high boost kit which uses a larger supercharger and power outputs of up to 500hp using a blow through throttle and a DTA S60 ECU,

Thing is though... this is all mega money (just the basic kit for the high boost is about 3300 quid and super high boost is around 4000 quid) and I was hoping to do something different, I have a TD05-20g in my garage doing nothing that I was going to use to make a compound system for the blue car, but it just never came to be, and by my reckoning is that turbo should be good for 400hp at 15~psi on the engine I'm building, thought about getting a roots supercharger to blow into it hopefully making 500hp at upwards of 20 psi should make for a great driving engine, and also a mega top speed if I can get the right gears in it..

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