Turboing my 1.6 astra 2012


Astra elite 2012
I have a 1.6 Vauxhall’s Astra Elite 2012 non turbo and was wondering how much approx it would cost to install a turbo. The car has next to no pull and I have got on finance for a while...
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Short answer "how long is a ball of string"

I'm guessing that you are a young chap and hope you realize that adding a turbo is not a cheap thing to do properly and that your insurance cover will rise heaps depending on your age and history if your present insurer decides to continue with your cover

You MUST inform them of your intentions because if you haven't and have a crash they can refuse your claim and you will be up for both parties repair costs.
What are your power aims and budget?

You are looking at between £4000 and £6000 if you use all new parts and get a reputable company to fit this and set it up.

Have you read our guide...

Best route is usually to source another same model with a turbo and transplant the engine, and there were a few Astra turbos through the years that could provide a donor engine and parts.
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