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Hi guys,

I want to upgrade the turbo of my calibra. It's mainly going to be used on the road so I don't want anything to wild, say about 350bhp.

I will also be upgrading the cams, pistons, fuel pump, bolts and gaskets. What other internals will need to be upgraded? Bearing in mind I don't want to run anything on it's limits.

Thanks in advance,
hi and welcome!
as for any other upgrades, i think you've got it just about covered, just be weary about it to start with to let it all bed in to the new power levels, and if you decide to go for more power then think about what else to upgrade!
If you lower the compression ratio you'll be able to turn up the boost even more. Injectors will probably need uprating as well and I doubt the gearbox/clutch will appreciate the extra power.

This sounds like a very interesting project and Ill be very interested to see how it goes. Keep us informed and updated with your progress.
There will be documented options on your car . Its best to see what otheer have done using your engine.

You also need to find out this engines limits (same source as above)

One thing you have left out is the ecu/map .

If you are doing all the above then a stand alone ECU and a proper map will give the best results especially mid range.
Thanks guys!

Will definately be sorting out the ecu and drivetrain. Just wanted to make sure I hadn't over looked anything to do with the engine as I don't want anything going BANG!
If you drop the CR too low it will loose off boost response.I have 8.7 - 1 static CR pistons in my 4G63 and some newer motors are higher.

Do it once and do it right with a forged bottom end with ARP mains and head studs to hold down the MLS gasket.You will need higher flowing injectors and a aftermarket EMS to tune things properly.

Fit a larger than stock intercooler as when you compress air it creates heat and that if not what any motor wants especially a boosted one

Turbos I would start looking at say a GT2860 aka Disco Potato which would be very responsive or GTX 2871R OR a GTX3071R

Finally when you have it ready DO NOT drive it like a nana or like you stole it as the rings need gas pressure to expand the rings to bed them in and it needs some boost to do that .Suggest you read "motormans " methods as it is IMO good advice

Don't forget the brakes and upgrade the pads at least.
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