Turbocharged s10 2.2


North Carolina
S10 2.2
Hey guys I have a 2001 s10 2.2 flex fuel turbocharged truck runing on 6psi daily driver.was woundering what else should i add to motor to help turbo make more power or engine upgrades that will help.it's a stock engine 2.5 exaughst downpipe and all.also runing e85 gas which helped turbo run smoother.any suggestion would be appreciated thanks
Hi and welcome.

A simple remap would make a big difference without resorting to expensive engine mods.
Where can you find someone to remap ecu looked but couldnt find anyone.and e85 is available in limited stores I have to drive 20 miles to get it
Ok so what else would help my little project.I don't think it needs injectors due to it being a flex fuel truck herd the injector are good for up to 40 ibs but I don't know for sure would like a cam but those are hard to find with 2.2l
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