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Honda Integra dc5
just wasted to no how a turbo timer works as ive got a hks 1 fitted but it dont seem to work i thought it would just be connected to the ignition and turn on/off when key is put in?
and i also have a greddy boost controller would it be worth me messing round with it or a professional do it any help welcome
In my opinion just rip it out.After all, by the time you have got home after a blast up the motorway, it will be fine.If you use it for a track blast then the same stands as you will do a slow down bit then drive to the pits. BIN IT!!
I tend to do the last couple of miles of my journey off boost so no need for a turbo timer. A good one will only leave the engine running after a spirited drive. They can invalidate your immobiliser and some insurers are not happy about this so it's worth checking this out as well.

As with anything like this, if you don't know what you are doing it's best to leave it to someone who does.;)
I tend to agree. What is the point of it? Unless you are on private land, it is illegal to leave a running car unattended so what is the advantage of one of these? I can think of much more useful things to spend the money on. If it works, take it off and sell to a poseur :)

With regard to the boost controller, what do you want it to do?
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Few years ago at Well Lane Turbos (just down the road from me, now shut down !) on a RRday with Cavvy Turbos, one was being run up with Nos , pipe split,10 foot flames, guy switches it off and jumps out and runs (comical to watch), HOWEVER...........................Owner had a turbo timer fitted and it still carried on running, so Nos still injected and 10 flame getting bigger.
So you decide wether you think they are a good idea or not ! :blink:
well it dont work anyway so no point trying to fix it so selling it sounds like a good option

old git- just wanted to no how you turned up or down the boost and the other functions on it?

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