Turbo swap Renault Clio iv k9k


Renault Clio iv 75h
I have a Renault Clio iv k9k with 75hp and I want to change my Garrett turbo with the Borg Warner turbo,can someone help me with this? I want to know if the turbo fits in my engine and if my injectors are enough for the biggest turbo


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Waynne, the admin here and I would like to personally extend a sincere welcome to TorqueCars. I apologize for the delay in responding; I've had a really busy period recently, but I believe I've caught up now.

Turbo swaps are usually possible on these, but sadly I've very limited experience with them so cannot offer definitive advice.

Thanks for joining and posting up an intro thread. I like the sound of your project, and I'm sure you'll fit right in, and I'm looking forward to "talking cars" with you.

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