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mr2 turbo
just a quick one for you gus.............

I got an mr2 turbo running the standard ct26 turbo but looking at up grading the engine can i start by putting a t3/4 turbo on as the first mod or do i need to do the injectors etc first?

i know i not going to be able fun it to full power till the other things are on but i dont see it being a big problem if the t3/4 is on there but runnig at a little bit more then standard boost
Am i rite in thinking this or not??:confused:
You could turn down the wastegate on the new turbo to hold it back a bit. I'm not sure how close you are to the limits of the standard injectors etc but it should be ok. The engine will adapt and go into limp home mode if it's not happy. Just use a high octane fuel to help protect against knock and don't go too mad with the boost on the new turbo until you get the mapping done.

Remapping is vital on a setup like this. You'll probably need an aftermarket ECU as the standard ones are AFIK impossible to remap.

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