Turbo kit


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Without googling it I would guess there is. However it would probably cost a lot of money and you won't see massive gains on a small engine like that. Your money would be better spent on a better base car and upgrading from there.

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Read my thread on fitting a turbo to an na car it isnt simple .

More importantly Kia have just bought out a 1 litre turbo but they have not turbo'd the current 1 or 1.25 litre NA motors but designed a completely different turbo engine
That says to me your current engine isnt ideal for fitting a turbo . It isnt just a kit of course -you will need fueling ,ecu and other things sorted,

If you want more power its probably easier to fit a 1.25 litre engine. Its almost certain to fit ,will be cheaper and easier to do (especially the fuel/ecu side ) and the bigger engine will certainly give you an increase in power.