Turbo front wheel drive


Australia qld
Lancer VRX 2.0 man
Am I stupid and Is it a waste of money to turbo my lancer vrx 2.0 man FWD. what's the most realistic power I could get to the front wheels.

Please be honest!
T9man has a turbo FWD at the moment so he can probably describe what it's like having all that power going through the front wheels.

Why not drop in a Lancer Turbo engine instead of doing the conversion.

Nice to have you with us and I'm sure you'll enjoy the forums.
Depends a lot of power delivery but in the dry in this cold my 330-350hp Mk1 Focus RS will spin up in fourth on cold tyres with the boost controller on it's most aggressive channel (IE high gain and 22-23psi), and that's with sticky 225/40 AD08 tyres, an LSD and properly set up suspension.
I have a Saab 9-3 running 602 BHP with a further 100 BHP of NOS available.
It is a 5 speed automatic and has been specially mapped to reduce the torque on gears 1 & 2. Traction as a result is better than expected but would benefit greatly from the addition of an LSD. I do have plans however to install an AWD system to the car later on in the year. Hope this helps! ;)
This is what you get with high powered front wheel drive cars :)

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