Turbo for 1.6 petrol Passat (1999 release)


VW Passat 1.6Petrol
Hey! I've not so recently bought a Vw Passat B5 1.6 74kw petrol and noticed It's weak acceleration along with high fuel consumption (unless I give it around 3k rounds before releasing clutch then it gives some kind of speed start). So I was wondering is it possible to setup a turbo thing for this engine? I've noticed some free space right next to the engine and an empty unconnected pipe or something on the bottom there (perhaps if turbo is all about forcing more air and I don't really know what it does this turbo on engines exactly It means that I can add something there) so anybody knows something and can enlighten me on this deal? Also pressing the acceleration pedal to the end kinda makes acceleration faster though still literally no difference from pressing just a bit.
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