turbo for 1.5B15


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Yes mate I can help ;) My friend and I found this kit last year and as he has a 1.5 CRX V-tec, he bought this exact. He didn't bother getting the compression ratio lowered by changing them, but instead had a thick steel gasket made by a very reputable tuning company to lower the compression that way (if doing this spare no expense as cheap think gasket tend not to work very well and can resault in engine failure).

So in using all the bit supplied in the following kit he reached a very nice 179bhp with plenty more if he decides to get a LSD so he can keep the power down. Best thing is it fells like 2 turbo's with the v-tec aswell lol.

Anywho here the said kit:-

Click Here For Turbo Kit!

Bear in mind it comes from america so might take a few days to arrive ;)


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If you plan to turbo then mate a B18A1 (non-vtec) lump to a B18C1 (vtec) head. This will make the engine low compression and ideal for turbocharging whilst retaining the high revving nature of the vtec. It will take some work to mate the lump and head together, but this is a tried and tested method.
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