Turbo charging Maruti Suzuki 800


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Hi everyone,
I'm actually a new guy to the family, but not to the machine's I should say. :cool:
Me and one of my friend recently started a project, well which is obviously in the title.

So we picked a Maruti Suzuki 800, specifically the carburetor version. and planning on turbocharging it.
been doing quite some research about the do's and don's.
and when I looked into our forums and tip's, there wer certainly some I could use.

However I guess we will be starting it in no more than 3 months (yes I know it's too long) because I work in another place.
So I thought You guys could help me someway, atleast letting me know the things i should look into.

Stock Engine specs:
800cc, inline 3-cylinder
Power: 37bhp
Torque: 5kg-m
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And these are some of the modifications i have in list along with that:

Forged pistons
crank shaft
Connecting rods (short)
Transmission from a suzuki Esteem (1000cc)
Final drive replacement for high torque band
and the obvious porting, polishing and a bigger carb
Greetings and a Warm Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend!

Good to have you along with us :)

As I am sure you are aware buddy, the project you are taking on will be a difficult one! I do however wish you the very best of luck with it and I look forward to your future updates. Once you have made 10 posts you can start to upload some photos of your project.

Sounds like an awesome project! I'm not too sure on the technicalities, but a low pressured turbo maybe required. Have you thought about cooling at all?
Yes, I'm planning on picking a low pressure turbo (GT1544/1548)... checkin if I could get any used one's.
and yeah intercooler is definitely gonna be a challange for us. but I have plans, so i guess I can pull that off...
thanks mate :)

I wanna make this one with wide & high Torque band rather than having high power output because we will be using this in city and for some autocross events. so I guess you can figure things. ;)

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