turbo charging a N/A diesel engine.


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mk II Punto 1.9
thread title sum it up really.

Iv heard it easier than doing it to a petrol. how much would it cost. and where would i go.get the parts for it?
That's a pretty broad question mate :D, but I'll have a go. If it's N/A to start with then I don't think it'll be easier than petrol. I'm going to start you off with some basics and any terms you don't know Google should tell all ;).

You'd need to choose which type of turbo you're going for and what sort of power. You've got VNT or wastegate. The size of your engine and target power will best determine size of turbo. If you go to Garrett's website it'll show you the formulas to help you work this out.

You'd need to sort out oil feeds and cooling to the turbo. Perhaps uprate the radiator and oil cooler. I suspect the fuel pump will need uprating. With the extra power you'd need to think about an uprated clutch if possible. You'd need a turbo exhaust manifold. If your engine block shares similarities to the Punto turbos then you might be onto a winner there.

Management wise your stock ECU isnt going to be able to hack it. You'd either need to go Piggyback ECU like a Dastek Unichip Q, or standalone like Motec. The latter is going to be very pricey costing £1k+ just for the ECU.

As for places to buy things or get the work done try Demon Tweeks or Merlin Motorsport as two of many examples. The Derv Doctor is pretty handy so I've been told at doing pretty much anything with any diesel, but don't expect it to come cheap. In fact any turbo conversion isnt going to be cheap.

Anyway I hope that points you in the right direction :), and good luck with the project ;)
wow. cheers mate :). couldnt of asked for a better reply. I will google some of those terms now. its a 1.9. i almost sold it but fortunatley i can now afford to keep it.i want 0-60 in under 10's. and it to pul lwell on motorways like 50-80 mph. il check the sites out and get back to you. i knew it wouldnt be cheap but il be keeping the car a long time so why not!
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The turbo will certainly help for what you want, but you must understand because it's an older diesel you'll never get the sort of performance you get from modern turbo diesels circa 2000+. You're limited by the fuel system and engine design. Do you know if Fiat went on to develop that engine? If they did maybe drop that evolution in.

I'm concerned it might not be worth your while, but if you're in it for the long haul and are keen to try anything then who am I to stop you! :)
its a 2001 reg so its not to old? is it lol. Well al i want is better performance. its poxy 65bhp isnt exactly show stopping lol. it beats all the 1.2's which iv come across.

I just had a quick browse at firats website. they dont make puntos with 1.9 D engines anymore but mutiplas do. im guessing there not the one i have. Im not scared of the work ahead tbh. Put it this way if i do. il have a pretty special fiat poontang in ma hands :).

WHy were we up so early lol
ah wel. after checking the dervdoctor site. I'm completley blown away by the things they have/can do with diesel engines. I've sent them an email enwuiring about my car. i'll let you know what they say when they come back :)
If you can fit lower compression pistons then turbocharging might be possible. You'll also need some means of compensating fuelling under boost. Let me know what happens

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