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Can somebody give me some tips on what i should do first with the engine. i know there are tons of things to tune i just dont know where to start lol
hey and welcome to torquecars mate.

best starting point is if forced induction start with a basic remap, preferable one that can be custom altered a future date to incorporate other mods

for NASP cars, start with breathing. Panel filter or induction kit, exhaust - go for a whole system rather than just back box. then power boost valve ( fuel pressure regulator ) cams, porting larger injectors and fuel pump

more extremes gas flowing the head ( can be expensive on some cars ) fitting high compression pistons and conrods or forced induction
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Hi mada0928 and welcome to TorqueCars. Which engine do you have in your car? (This can limit a lot of your tuning options.)
its the 2.3 L4 i was thinking maybe a (CCA) cold air intake and an exhaust system. Are there any brands that you would suggest? and also how much do you think i could get a good turbo for thats not top of the line expensive?
A breakers yard is your best bet for a turbo. It can be a bit of a pain fitting it - have you read our article in TUNING about adding a turbo. You'll see it in the forced induction pages.

A cold air intake and sports exhaust are a good idea, but I'm not sure who make them for your engine so you might have to get a generic one and some fitting. I like the sound of the HKS dragger exhaust, I'm also a fan of cherry bombs too though:D
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