Tuning tips: NASP engines and tuning options.


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When deciding on a power train which should you go for? Both have merits. The answer really depends on driver style and preference but I will admit to being a little biased towards turbos. Here is my take on NASP Engines. “NASP Engines (Naturally Aspirated)” These engines suck in the air they need filling the [...]

What do you think of this tip then, read the article and post your comments in here.
hmmm to squeeze power out of a nasp = big spends

a turbo or super engine is easier to get power out of, with the clio i think you can get nearly 200bhp with a good intake and exhaust system and remap, porting and polishing is a lot of money and the gains aren't well.... worth it really in the long run unless you do splash out on high comp pistons cams etc...

i say supercharge the mother :D
More tuning options with forced induction, all good if you can live with the lag. A well sorted NASP can be just as good and perhaps quicker in some instances (lag free) but would take more £s to get it there. Supercharging is great if you can make it work 100% of the time throughout the whole rev range.
with superchargers could you use a centrifugal(?) :)lol: at spelling) and a blower type, since a cent needs rpm to get going (like a turbo) and a blower tends to drop off towards higher rpm so both would be like a twin charged engine only just super so no turbo?
ty ;) would that work anyone know, i know it would cost a fortune, but a good option instead of a turbo
Adding forced induction to an engine means that it's no longer naturally aspirated so we're slightly adrift here.

well yes but if you have a nasp car and you add forced induction isnt that a Tuning tip for nasp engine ;)

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