Tuning of mazda 5 rf7j engine..


Mazda 5
Hi everyone, I am driving a Mazda 5 with 2.0 diesel engine, already tuned but as you all know, only sky is the limit :D
So, I got an hybrid turbo upgraded, all restrictions from the inside of the filter box are out, some air flow pipes replaced with a bigger ones and a remap is also done.. to that moment the power was about to 160hp.. Now I got a bigger intercooler (450x180x65) the lag is bigger as I supossed so I gotta do another remap but the problem is that nobody in Croatia wants to do it couse Mazda ecu's are clone to burn out, they says.. and know I stuck with the project and need some help with.. Some guys says that its possible to put another ecu in it but first i gotta find out which they are, so maybe you guys can help me with some infos..
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