Tuning my Octavia 1.6 MPI engine(2009)


Amman, Jordan
SkodaOctavia 1.6MPI
Hello there,

Im new here, and actually, I know nothing about tuning, I read a couple of basic information about it on the website, I know basics about what tuning is and how tuning goes and even how engine works, but the thing is, I live in Jordan, and you can find few people with a Skoda car in general, so its hard to ask anyone that have tuned it, is it possible to tune a 1.6 V4-16v MPI(Multi port injection) engine? I was kinda forced to buy such engine for the few variety around where I live, my engine outputs 105 HP only, which is for me its too low, some mechanics told me that I can change the Air Filter and that would give me 7-10 HP, but has anyone tried modifying this engine?

Thanks in Advance.
Hello and welcome to the site mate

changing the airfilter will help slightly but you wont see anywhere near those gains. a remap would give you around the lower end of that area - how easy is it to get engine mappin in jordan ?

the same engine is also used in the Mk4 golf, VW Bora, Audi A3 and Seat Leon
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